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Opium Lord and Under to release Split EP

July 29, 2022

Opium Lord and Under to release Split EP

On 10th August, APF Records will release a devastating split EP. Our lads Under and mighty Birmigham brutalists Opium Lord have teamed up to give us two ferocious new tracks.

Under are the kings of Uneasy Listening, purveyors of the finest angular noise rock, residents of Stockport. Centred around doom and sludge, Under could have been just any other heavy band, but their willingness, perhaps even deep-seated need to splinter off into Avant Garde and psych/prog elements thrusts Under above most of the pack; that and a somewhat lopsided approach to time signatures - a trait which leaves an underlying nausea and unease on all recordings they find themselves involved with. There are clear nods to Melvins in Under’s approach, and that can only ever be a win. Under have released two albums and an EP on APF Records so far: Slick (2017), Stop Being Naive (2018) and Training Resource #5 (2020).

Opium Lord and Under to release Split EP

It seems fitting Opium Lord hail from Birmingham, a city famous for it’s smog, industrial, unpretentious and sometimes brutal facade. Opium Lord started life in 2014 and quickly released their first EP on Thirty Days of Night Records, followed by their first album 'Eye of Earth' on Candlelight Records in 2017. A split 7 inch with Rhode Island's Churchburn and most recently the album ‘Vore’ on Sludgelord Records have gained critical plaudits along the way from Vice, BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Terrorizer Magazine, Big Cheese, Metal Hammer. Since their formation they have toured and played the UK, Europe and North America playing with bands such as Yob, Primitive Man, Weedeater, Swans, Black Cobra, Unearthly Trance, Will Haven, Conan, Oathbreaker and more.

Opium Lord and Under to release Split EP

"Opium Lord got in touch challenging us to a game of 5 a side", says Matt Franklin of Under. "There being only 3 of us, we suggested a split instead."

The rest, as they say, is history.

Pre-orders are open for the limited edition CD here on the APF Records website:


The tracks will be released digitally on Bandcamp and all good streaming sites on 10th August.

Made of Teeth's Sociopathogen Out Today!

June 24, 2022

Made of Teeth's Sociopathogen Out Today!

Happy release day to Made of Teeth. Their 3rd album, and first for APF Records, Sociopathogen is out today.

Buy it from the APF website of Bandcamp. Stream it on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon Music and all the usual places.

Link to everything: https://linktr.ee/APFRecords  

"Barrelling in like a woolly mammoth crashing into your living room, this Welsh trio are on a riff rampage with their third album." – Metal Hammer

"Made Of Teeth, carve out their best record yet, drilling through pure concrete and finding gold.” – Musipedia of Metal

"An aural assault that is hard to be rivalled... the sound generated by the three-piece is absolutely massive.” – The Sleeping Shaman

"Sociopathogen is one of the heaviest things I’ve heard this side of the last Primitive Man album." – The Razors Edge

"Sociopathogen captures the band in devastating form... Made Of Teeth are an absolute force."  - Mass Movement Magazine

Made of Teeth drop video for What's The Time

June 13, 2022


Welsh noise punks MADE OF TEETH release their new album SOCIOPATHOGEN on 24th June. Today they've dropped a belting new video for the track What's The Time. Watch it over at The Sleeping Shaman: 


Pre-order Sociopathogen here on the APF website:


"Scabrous, claustrophobic blast of bristling and clattering hardcore punk that sounds like a 3am lurch fuelled by dodgy kebabs, quaaludes and a love of pogo-worthy pit-starters" - Metal Hammer

See Made of Teeth supporting High On Fire in London on 24th June.

Made Of Teeth Announce Sociopathogen

May 06, 2022

"Scabrous, claustrophobic blast of bristling and clattering hardcore punk that sounds like a 3am lurch fuelled by dodgy kebabs, quaaludes and a love of pogo-worthy pit-starters" - Metal Hammer

24th June 2022 will mark the much-anticipated return of Welsh noise punks MADE OF TEETH with their third album, and first for APF Records, SOCIOPATHOGEN. Following on from their 2017 self-released eponymous debut, and 2019’s Wealth And Hellbeing (Everybody Loses Records), album three is a game-changer: the most 'live' feeling and extreme record the trio has made thus far. Produced by Gethin Woolcock (Prosperina) in south Wales, it features 11 new tracks of punk fueled, abrasive noise rock.

Formed in 2017, the band features ex and current members of Taint (Rise Above Records), Spider Kitten (Undergroove Records), Obey Cobra (Box Records) and Lacertilia (Red Sun Sounds) and has become renowned for their furious and crushing live shows since their formation.

The trio utilizes a heady mélange of straight up punk, sludge, metal and 90's worshiping noise rock, all with an experimental and progressive twist which they’ve honed and owned over the last five years.

Having played shows with the cream of the UK heavy scene, as well as a bunch of lauded support slots over the years with the likes of Today Is The Day, Big Business, Bongzilla and Eyehategod, Made Of Teeth have ploughed everything they had into making this new record.

In amongst a million lockdowns they’ve pushed themselves to the edge of their own creativity and beyond, which will come across to the listener via every off the wall riff and thunderous beat on this non-stop ride of a record... when you press play you’ll be peeling your brains off the wall 30 minutes later. We can’t wait for you to hear it! 

Pre-orders are live for Sociopathogen in our store here on the APF website. You can hear new single Three4a1er on the Made of Teeth page on the APF website too. Enjoy!


Video Nasties Record Store Day Dominion Special Edition

April 23, 2022


To celebrate Record Store Day 2022, APF Records is releasing a limited run of 50 special edition Giallo variant vinyl versions of Video Nasties Dominion album.

Dominion is APF's best selling release. The album has previously been available in Swirling Emeral Miasma, Suspirium Pink, Flaxen Lust and Die Hard Black vinyl variants. The Giallo edition is released in limited numbers today.

The Giallo edition is available at 12pm BST today in the APF Records website store and on Video Nasties Bandcamp page.

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