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Corrupt Moral Altar Update

September 18, 2020

Corrupt Moral Altar's You Smell Expensive is streaming now on Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube and all the usual places. Their first new track in over 3 years, it's taken from their Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things EP, which is released by APF Records on 27th November.

Guitarist John Cooke says about the track: "As the planet feels like it has become more brutal and surreal we offer a song to echo those sentiments: a nightmarish kaleidoscope of media confusion, normal people trying to be kind in a cruel world while fantasizing of its demise and the smell of certain political leaders".

Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things is now available to pre-order in our store and on the CMA Bandcamp page. This is a limited edition release, so get in fast. 100 x black 12", 200 x green with red splatter 12", 100 x digipak CD, plus t-shirt and bundle option.

The Brothers Keg's New Album Is Out Today

September 11, 2020

Brothers Keg

Folklore, Myths and Legends of The Brothers Keg is released today. You can check stream it on Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer and all the usual places. CDs and t-shirts are available in our webstore (both runs of tapes are long since sold out). 

What the press are saying: 

"Think one of Mastodon’s mind-bending concept albums crossed with Heavy Metal (the addled 1980s animated film), with the occasional nod to H.P. Lovecraft and an extra portion of Ringwraith-style riders of doom." - KERRANG!

"From the off Folklore, Myths and Legend is a bold venture... as fine a debut album I’ve heard in many a year". - Ave Noctum

"Brilliant entertainment that thrives on being different and so gloriously OTT... easily one of the best debut albums I've heard in a long time". - Desert Psychlist

"An absolute beast. An absolute epic. This is startling stuff as the Londoners take us on a journey filled with all manner of emotions. From the doomiest of doom to the atmospheric voiceovers to the haunting vocals and epic peaks and valleys. It’s an amazing showcase of the talents of this band." - GBHBL 

"The Brothers Keg are like Conan stomping a mud hole and walking it dry in Middle Earth... it is hard to imagine how you could fail to have fun listening to it, or adequately describe it to the uninitiated and therein lies its beauty". - The Sleeping Shaman 

The Brothers Keg are the first APF band to do a socially distanced gig. It's happening at The Black Heart in Camden, London next week. Tickets are sold out, but we'll keep in the loop about other APF bands playing these kind of shows as we move into the autumn.

Brothers Keg

Bandcamp Friday

September 04, 2020

You'll likely see a lot of posts today about it being "Bandcamp Friday". For those who don't know what this means, in a nutshell Bandcamp usually charge artists and record labels a 10% fee when you buy a digital download, LP, merch item or similar. On the first Friday of the month until the end of the year they're passing this 10% on to the artist or label. So on a £20 vinyl, its an extra £2 to band or label - which helps to deal with the debt mountain most bands and small DIY labels like APF operate under.

"Debt mountain?" I hear you ask? Well, yeah. Streaming on Spotify is ace as a music fan isn't it? A whole world of music at your finger tips for just £10 a month (or free if you don't mind adverts). Streaming is also a fabulous revenue-generator if you are Metallica or Slipknot. For those of us at the bottom of the music industry food chain Spotify and streaming is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it's such an ace tool for getting people to hear your music. On the other hand, bands or labels get a miniscule 0.004p every time you listen to one of our tracks in full. Meaning we need 5000 track streams to bring in the same money we would get from selling one LP.

As a typical "DIY album" will cost a band between £500 and £1000 to record (and that's doing it real quick), with artwork costing say £500 more, a band will need their tracks to be streamed HALF A MILLION times just to cover that outlay.

If they want their album on vinyl, add between £1000 and £2000 for that (depending on how swanky it looks). It's hard to get loads of media attention unless you engage a PR firm, and they will cost between £500 and £2000 for 3-months promoting the record for you. Then there's CDs, tapes and merch. And that's before you start thinking about doing a video.

The band needs somewhere to store their gear and rehearse and write songs. That adds cost. Small bands mostly play live for a fee that doesn't cover their petrol to the gig. Then there's new strings for the guitars, maintenance of kit.... well you get my drift yeah?

Being in a band or running a record label is all cost cost cost. And as most people just stream music these days (and why wouldn't they when it's so cheap, easy and accessible to do so) those costs are often just not covered. APF has never made a profit. It's subsidised heavily. We do it for the love of it. All of our bands do too. We aren't moaning, we're just telling it like it is.

That extra 10% Bandcamp passes on today really helps. If you only stream music, that's ace. But go buy a t-shirt today, if you can afford it. Or a digital download, so you can listen to the music in high definition glory as opposed to Spotify's mp3 quality. The bands will be eternally grateful to you.

Happy Friday. 🤘


** SOUND OF ORIGIN's The All Seeing Eye Premiere **

August 19, 2020


The album is released on Friday (21st August), but you can stream it now in full exclusively over at The Sleeping Shaman. Sound of Origin's The All Seeing Eye: 9 tracks of stoner, sludge and doom metal spread over 50 scintillating minutes.

Link: https://www.thesleepingshaman.com/streams/premiere-sound-of-origin-all-seeing-eye/

"The All Seeing Eye is a magnificent artistic movement in musicality" - Riff Relevant

"It contains awesome song after awesome song... The All Seeing Eye is an album that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and satisfied at the same time." - Metal Temple

"It crackles with tension even in the quieter moments, waiting for the riff waves to come crashing down... proof that you don’t need to do anything wacky to make a forward-thinking, modern record" - Astral Noize

Possessor premiere new track Coffin Fit over at Metal Injection

August 11, 2020

Possessor fans need wait no more: Coffin Fit, the first single from their forthcoming album Damn The Light, is premiering today exclusively over at Metal Injection.

Metal Injection have nice things to say about APF as well.

"UK-based indie label APF Records is one of metal's best kept secrets, consistently pumping out some of the best underground metal the UK has to offer. Run by Andrew Field, not only is the label home to some of the UK underground's most promising new riff harbingers, he also helps to bring greater awareness to acts who have already cut their teeth on the underground circuit. Basically, when APF announces a new release, you best pay attention. "

Go listen to the track here: https://metalinjection.net/av/possessor-throw-a-coffin-fit-of-riffs-and-pure-heavy-metal-fury

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