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Mastiff Sign to eOne Heavy, Announce New Album

June 10, 2021

Big, exciting news from the MASTIFF camp. After 4 years on APF Records, during which time they released 2017's BORK EP and 2019's Plague album, the Hullensian blackened sludge quintet have signed with eOne Heavy for their new record Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth.

eOne Heavy is home to High On Fire, Crowbar, Ace Frehley and a host of major metal bands. Exciting time for our boys as the head off into a new chapter with a massive international record label.

Watch the video for Mastiff's new single Endless here: https://youtu.be/UhwZTIUDaKY

Pre-order the new album in the UK here: https://www.eoneheavy.uk/products/mastiff-leave-me-the-ashes-of-the-earth-lp-pre-order

Pre-order the new album in the USA here: https://mastiffhchc.bandcamp.com/

Euro orders: https://www.eoneheavy.eu/products/mastiff-leave-me-the-ashes-of-the-earth-single-180g-clear-base-with-opaque-gold-splatter-black-splatter 

Wall Announce Vol. 2

June 01, 2021


“The Cole twins can do no wrong. Birthed from quarantine, Wall is monstrously heavy instrumental sludge, drawing in the groove and crush the brothers of Desert Storm and The Grand Mal are known for. Wall is its own beast, however, a rumbling behemoth of growling doom and visceral drumming that sets a benchmark for heavy two-pieces”. – The Doom Charts

APF Records is delighted to announce the release of WALL’s sophomore EP Vol. 2 on 30th July 2021. First single The Tusk hit Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube and all streaming sites today. Listen to it here: https://wallbandrocks.bandcamp.com/

Elliot and Ryan Cole have been stalwarts of the international stoner doom scene since they formed Desert Storm almost 15 years ago in their home town of Oxford, releasing five albums with that band and touring Europe like dogs ever since. They are two parts of the quintet which is The Grand Mal, also signed to APF Records, whose self-titled debut was released in 2019.

Their latest project Wall was conceived during lockdown. Frustrated at not being able to tour, and stuck at home together, Elliot and Ryan found themselves seeking a substantially creative way to kill the boredom. The debut eponymous five track EP was released by APF Records on 15th January 2021, chock full of Iommi-worshipping instrumental sludge doom. The homage to Black Sabbath was manifest in an electrifying cover of Electric Funeral, featuring vocals by The Grand Mal’s Dave-O. Wall entered the Doom Charts at number 10, and was met with acclaim in the stoner doom underground.

Now, a mere six months later, Wall unleash Vol 2. Once again recorded with Jimmy Hetherington at Shonk Studios, this second effort leans more towards the classic US rock the lads grew up on. It features a cover of Karma To Burn’s Nineteen, released as a tribute to Elliot and Ryan’s friend Will Mecum who sadly passed away in May. The Cole twins other band Desert Storm and Karma To Burn had toured the UK together on several occasion, becoming firm buddies on the road.

About Nineteen, the Cole Brothers say “We recorded it a few months ago in lockdown as a way of saying thanks, and showing our appreciation for one of our favourite bands - true pioneers of the genre and an inspiration to many. It feels right to share it now with the sad news of his passing. It's been an honour knowing you, Will. Rest in peace".

Wall tour the UK with The Grand Mal in August:

12.8.21 : Banbury – The Wheatsheaf

13.8.21 : Glasgow – Ivory Blacks

14.8.21 : Bolton – The Alma Inn

15.8.21 : Blackpool – Waterloo Music Bar

16.8.21 : Hull – Gorilla Studios

17.8.21 : Bradford – Al’s Juke Bar

18.8.21 : London – The Black Heart

19.8.21 : Gloucester – The Dick Whittington

20.8.21 : Swansea – The Bunkhouse

21.8.21 : Oxford – The Wheatsheaf

Pre-orders are open now in the APF website store.

Wall Announce Vol. 2

"A guaranteed foot-stomper throughout thanks to its ballsy riffs and relentless rhythms, WALL‘s debut is exactly what we need as the hangover from 2020 subsides; a no-nonsense, well brewed shot of fuzzed out warmth and buzzing adrenaline to chase those winter blues away" - Jay Hampshire / Distorted Sound

"What we have here is just less than twenty-five minutes of music with no pretensions, no questions of ‘how do we out-heavy Band X?’... This is music that is written and performed for the sheer love of it, and that’s why it’s such a great record to listen to." – The Sleeping Shaman

"For those who worship at the altar of Tony Iommi, Wall’s self-titled debut gives your new year the kick start it deservers. Doomy majesty dripping in Iommi inspired riffage!" – The Razor’s Edge

“It’s a 20-minute run, and most of that time is spent engaging full-on aural crush. To what should be the surprise of no one, Mama Cole’s boys have the musical conversation down. Chemistry? They’re brothers. They’ve probably been playing music together since they realized they had ears to hear the noise they were making” – The Obelisk

Swamp Coffin - Flatcap Bastard Features

May 27, 2021

Swamp Coffin - Flatcap Bastard Features

Rotherham based sludge metal three-piece Swamp Coffin released their debut EP, “Flatcap Bastard Features” on 23rd August 2019. Long since sold out, APF Records will reissue the EP on digipak CD and cassette tape on 25th June 2021. Pre-orders are now open in the APF website shop.

Musically rooted in 90’s NOLA sludge but with strong nods to Sabbathian groove and even death metal elements, Swamp Coffin have forged their own nasty, uncompromising sound. “Flatcap Bastard Features” was conceived during a testing time for vocalist/guitarist Jon Rhodes whose brother-in-law was tragically killed in a car accident in October 2016 and 9 months later watched as a large part of his home burned down in a house fire, leaving him and his family homeless and living at a caravan site for 6 months. Suffering with mental health issues and in need of some catharsis, this manifested itself into four crushing tracks clocking in at just under 34 minutes, combining personal lyrics with hard-hitting riffs and grooves.

"34 minutes of deeply upsetting, joyfully morose and dark, dank slices of life liver into a soup of primordial sludge metal that is one of the best things I have heard this year." - Ave Noctum

"Even by the standards the NOLA inspired slow and heavy school of sludge, Flatcap Bastard Features is an ill-tempered record. The debut EP from Swamp Coffin is 34 minutes of utter rage and misery, with tar-drenched riffs and throat-shredded vocals in abundance, coming across as if Eyehategod had formed in Yorkshire." – Astral Noize

"It’s highly enjoyable and thoroughly recommended, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole thirty four minutes". – Planet Mosh

"It’s a great EP that will certainly by challenging for a spot in my end of year lists. Recommended for fans of Crowbar, Down, Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard, this should prove a good acquisition to a fan of doom, sludge, drone or similar genres." - Uber Rock

"As a riff-heavy, balls-to-the-wall sludge debut, this leaves a powerful first impression." – Now Then Magazine

Swamp Coffin - Flatcap Bastard Features

APF presents Elephant Tree, Mastiff & Swamp Coffin in Bolton

May 19, 2021

APF's Andrew Field celebrates his 50th birthday this July. To mark the occasion APF Records presents Elephant Tree, Mastiff and Swamp Coffin at The Alma Inn in Bolton.

Elephant Tree are not signed to APF Records, but we are big fans of and friends with the band. Elephant Tree performed on PIST's Hailz album, providing backing vocals on the track Strangle The Sun. Pete Holland of Elephant Tree is also in Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight, a band who are on APF Records: we released their Movin' On Singles EP in 2019.

Mastiff have released two albums on APF Records, 2017's BORK and 2019's Plague. Big news about Mastiff's new album coming your way next month.

Swamp Coffin are the most recent signing to APF Records. We will be reissuing their out of print Flatcap Bastard Features EP on cassette and CD this summer.

The Alma Inn in Bolton recently reopened after a refurbishment and refit. It's APF's favourite venue and our spiritual home.

Free entry show. Bands from 7pm. Should be a great night.

VIDEO NASTIES announced for Damnation Festival

May 13, 2021

APF's VIDEO NASTIES will play Damnation Festival in Leeds in November alongside Pig Destroyer, Wolves In The Throne Room, Onslaught, Godflesh, Conan and a host of others. What a line-up!

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