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A New Possessor Album For Halloween

August 06, 2020

Delighted to tell you that the new Possessor album, Damn The Light, will be out on APF Records this Halloween.

With ripping amps about to blow, a barrage of overdriven bass attack and pile-driver drums from beyond the grave, this mausoleum of riffs and madness will take your soul and wake the dead. 44 minutes of horror drenched metal, nine tales of mayhem and one vulgar ritualistic interlude await those brave enough to enter this twisted realm between life and death.

Following shows with the likes of Conan, Black Moth and The Shrine, 2019’s album Gravelands cemented the London band’s reputation as a heavier-than-hell primitive force to be reckoned with. High praise printed in both Kerrang! and Zero Tolerance along with a swarm of worship online and the inclusion of the band on this year’s Desertfest lineup, Possessor returned to Bear Bites Horse Studio with engineer Wayne Adams in July to shake the foundations to the ground once more.

Possessor 2020: Nathan Perrier, Graham Bywater, Ollie Isaac. Photo by Shotison

Written entirely from the band’s homes during the Covid-19 lockdown shituation and only rehearsed via phone videos and voice messages, this chapter of the band’s career could easily have backfired but the forces of evil were on their side, providing a savage, malevolent power. More concise, complex and epic than previous albums, DAMN THE LIGHT is doused in a refreshed and refined energy, thanks in no small part to the introduction of new drummer extraordinaire Nathan Perrier (11Paranoias, Satan’s Wrath, Capricorns) into the witch’s cauldron.

An almost psychic bond was formed immediately and the creation of the band’s most powerful album yet happened in a matter of months. What awaits you is a bad-ass, trail-blazing, corpse embracing powerhouse of true metal that will kill your ears and remind you that some bands just cannot be categorized.

Housed in a mind blowing piece of original art from Quebec legend Alexander Goulet, this Halloween Possessor prepare to set pulses racing once again with their new full length slice of terror: DAMN THE LIGHT!

Pre-order for the album open Friday 7th August at 9am BST here on the APF website and on the Possessor Bandcamp page: https://possessor.bandcamp.com/


APF Records at The Sleeping Shaman

August 03, 2020

We are big fans of The Sleeping Shaman webzine here at APF. Founded in 2005, it recently returned after a long hiatus to continue bringing the latest news, reviews and interviews from the heavy underground.

We were thus delighted to have a chat with them recently about all things APF. Andrew Field's interview with journalist Tom McKibbin (also of doom legends Undersmile) covers how our label began, what his proudest achievements are, his thoughts on demo submissions, why not everything we release is on vinyl, and much more besides.

You can read the full article here: https://www.thesleepingshaman.com/interviews/apf-records-andrew/

Corrupt Moral Altar Sign With APF Records

July 22, 2020

Corrupt Moral Altar

Delighted to tell you that Corrupt Moral Altar have signed with APF Records. We will be releasing freshly recorded CMA filth - their first new material since 2017's Eunoia album - later this year.

Purveyors of the finest grindcore and sludge metal, the Liverpudlian band's sound has developed from 2013 EPs “Luciferian Deathcult” and “Whiskey Sierra”, which received a glowing welcome in the UK press, via 2014's "Mechanical Tides" album to the present day. They've played live with Brutal Truth, Extreme Noise Terror, Hour of Penance and many more. Guitarist John Cooke currently tours with Napalm Death.

We are delighted to have a band of this pedigree come join us at APF. Much more information about them, and their new riffs, real soon.

"Imagine Napalm Death and Iron Monkey taking turns to smash you around the head with half-bricks" - Cvlt Nation

"Insane, broken bottles of ragged riffs, thik songs that get crusty, and grind that holds back at no avenue" - Metal Injection

"A wholly brutal and violent display of zero fucks given... for fans of extreme metal and hardcore punk" - Metal Hammer

"The Liverpool quintet's promise in our modest extreme metal works is limitless - cos they are awesome!" - MetalSucks

"Their mix of grind, sludge, punk and hardcore is at high-level toxicity right now, the potency of which is further heightened by feral tripatrite vocals and socio-political commentary that reads like the journal entries of someone languishing in the sewer while staring at the stars" - Kerrang!

The Brothers Keg Announce New Album

July 16, 2020


FFO the entire pantheon of stoner doom: Mastodon, Kyuss, Om, Yawning Man, King Buffalo, Slomatics, Bong, and all points inbetween

London-based pychedelic stoner doom trio The Brothers Keg will release their debut album, entitled Folklore, Myths and Legends of The Brothers Keg, via APF Records on September 11th 2020.

Sometimes, heavy isn't purely about brutal riffs and gut-wrenching, despair-invoking themes; often, heaviness shines through when it's filtered through jam-invoking psychedelic tightness. The Brothers Keg fall into that latter side of heavy, and in their few short years have become one of the finest examples of it in the whole of the UK.

Made up of the rhythm section of psych / stoner scene mainstays STUBB – with Tom Fyfe on drums and Tom Hobson switching out his bass for guitar / vocal duties - as well as Paul Rosser, who completes the trio on bass / vocals, The Brothers Keg have been kicking up an avalanche of the finest elements of stoner-doom as well as grunged-out psychedelia since their formation in London in 2018. Their sound is hard to pin down, because the band are unique: drawing influences from many quarters but ending up sounding like none of them.

Earning plaudits from notables such as JJ Koczan of The Obelisk, who speculates "The Brothers Keg's vibes will one day be recognised as 'The London Sound'", the band's sole release to this point, the Folklore, Myths And Legends demo EP, was a short, but sweet, two-track introduction to a trio who are destined for big things in the heavy psych underground.

Having already supported bands such as the legendary Colour Haze, Toundra, Kurokuma, Tuskar, Steak, Mother Engine as well as an appearance at 2019's Bloodstock Open Air Festival, 2020 saw TBK not only join the APF roster, but be booked to play the iconic Desertfest London alongside a handful of their APF brethren.

Now we are finally able to unleash The Brothers Keg's debut album Folklore, Myths and Legends of The Brothers Keg upon you. Recorded at Bear Bites Horse Studio in London (Green Lung, Terminal Cheesecake, Opium Lord and many others), producer Wayne Adams has expertly extracted the esoteric essence of the project, and the spirit of the KEG flows freely in full force. The album, as the title suggests, follows the origin story of ‘The Brothers Keg’ - three ancient folk characters whom the band is named after.

Tom Hobson says of the album: "We imagined the record as akin to a fantasy film soundtrack, with cinematic voiceovers and a nod to sci-fi classics. Expect heavy riffing psyched-out sci-fi doomageddon. HP Lovecraft meets Queen’s Flash Gordon listening to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds at the wrong speed smoking a medieval spliff dipped in poppers."

Pre-orders for the Limited Edition Rave Tape, CD, T-Shirt and Bundle are now open at:

The Brothers Keg online:


Indica Blues Sign to APF Records

July 02, 2020

We're no stranger to the heaviest and grooviest tones Oxford has to offer at APF Records – see Desert Storm and The Grand Mal – which is why we're all the more eager to get better acquainted as we welcome the city's heavy-psych doomsters Indica Blues to the APF family.

Formed in Oxford in 2014, Indica Blues are a monolithic trip. On their previous releases – 2016's Ruins On The Shore EP and debut full-length, 2018's Hymns for a Dying Realm – a real love for the entire stoner-doom pantheon, from Kyuss to Electric Wizard, shines through, along with, unsurprisingly, a healthy respect for the blues. Deservedly, those early releases earned both praise from respected outlets of the scene as well as tasty support slots with some of our favourite acts around; notably Elder, Samsara Blues Experiment and Mars Red Sky.

But that is just the beginning.

APF are beyond stoked to be releasing Indica Blues' upcoming sophomore full-length, currently expected to drop around the winter of 2020/21 – and let us tell you now, it's huge. Recorded by Steve "Geezer" Watkins at Woodworm Studios and mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio, it delivers on the promise of being their most massive sounding release to date, with chunkier riffs, groovier hooks, wider ranging vocal stylings and more ethereal melodic deviations than have come before. So be sure to check out yet another member of the growing "Roxford" revolution and get the Indica Blues today.

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