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WALL's new single Legion out today

July 19, 2024

WALL's new single Legion is out today.

Legion is an anagram of Linoge, the main antagonist of Stephen King's Storm of the Century. He's a 4000 year-old wizard who terrorizes the town of Little Tall Island during a massive blizzard that cuts the island off from the rest of the world. Linoge gives no hint of his origins or motives, only vaguely saying, "Give me what I want, and I'll go away."

Elliot and Ryan are huge Stephen King / horror movie fans, hence the song title.

Get it in your ears. Here's the link you need:


Legion is taken from Brick By Brick, WALL's debut full-length album. It's out on 30th August and is available to pre-order through our shop here on the APF website.

Berenice to release debut EP this August

July 02, 2024


Emerging from the heart of East Anglia, BERENICE are soon to become a relentless force in the underground music scene, blending hardcore, sludge, crust, and grind into a ferocious sonic onslaught. Formed in early 2023, the band wasted no time in carving their path with jaw dropping locals shows, before recording a raw and unapologetic debut EP set for release on August 16, 2024.

At the core of BERENICE's sound are guitarist Dave (also of A Horse Called War on APF Records), guitarist Charlie (of Goat Monsoon), drummer Aaron (formerly of Devilment), bassist Calum (from Obscene Entity), and vocalist Jim (formerly of East Anglian legends Bastard). Their collective musical backgrounds enrich BERENICE's sound with a diverse range of influences, combining into and culminating in a relentless blast that defies genre boundaries.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dave's Bombstore Studios, the EP captures BERENICE's uncompromising intensity and raw energy. The artwork, designed by Norwich-based artist Wesley K. Brown, visually reinforces the band's visceral approach to their music.

Lyrically, BERENICE confronts the stark realities of modern Britain with an unflinching gaze. Their songs rage against unnecessary greed, highlighting the disparity between affluence and poverty, and the day-to-day struggles faced by many. Through their fearless and aggressive expression, BERENICE channels pure rage and disgust at the misery of living conditions for many, demanding change whilst offering a cathartic outlet for listeners.

Beyond the studio, BERENICE plans to unleash their blistering live show across the UK, leaving no stage unscathed. Their performances promise to resonate with those who seek unapologetic honesty and sonic intensity in their music.

Join BERENICE as they embark on their journey, pushing the limits of aggressive performances and challenging conventions with their debut EP.

Pre-orders are open here on the APF website in our store. Watch the video for first single Torment on their band page, also here on the APF website.

Barbarian Hermit drop more Mean Sugar

June 24, 2024

Happy Monday all! We've got some new riffs for you to start your week right. The title track from Barbarian Hermit's Mean Sugar album is available for your listening pleasure courtesy of New Noise Magazine.

Link: newnoisemagazine.com/premieres/491674-2/

Mean Sugar the album is out on APF on 2nd August. You can pre-order the vinyl, CD, t-shirt here on the APF website, in our store.

WALL return with new single and album announcement

June 13, 2024

 WALL return with new single and album announcement

WALL are back with new single Masking My Contempt. It's being premiered today by DOOMED & STONED and will be on the streaming platform of your choosing tomorrow.

Link to the Doomed & Stoned premiere:


Masking My Contempt contains "buzzsaw guitar tone, grungy interludes, and an injection of sassy Southern blues guitar", Doomed & Stoned say. "The low-end really rumbles, too. It’ll shake the ground you stand on."

Masking My Contempt is taken from Wall's debut album 'Brick By Brick', out on 30th August. Pre-orders are open here on the APF website.

WALL return with new single and album announcement

Berenice Sign To APF Records

June 03, 2024

Berenice Sign To APF Records

Brought to life in early 2023, BERENICE is a relentless, uncompromising, and ferocious blend of hardcore, metal, crust, and grind.

Coming straight out of East Anglia, BERENICE recorded their debut EP at the end of 2023 in true DIY style and were quickly signed by APF Records. Their self-titled debut is set for release in August 2024 and the band plans to spend the rest of the year destorying stages across the length and breadth of the country with punishing and ruthless delivery.

A fearless and aggressive expression of pure rage and disgust at the sheer misery of living conditions suffered by so many living in modern Britain, the members of BERENICE are bound by a shared sonic vision, drawing influence from the likes of Nails, Gatecreeper, Black Breath, Power Trip, and All Pigs Must Die.

BERENICE have come to consume your mind, body, and soul!

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