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Trevor’s Head - A View From Below

"A satisfyingly heavy yet not doomy, fuzzed-out but fun, concoction quite unlike anybody else out there." – Velvet Thunder

"An album that flows like a river and yet still retains all the charm, originality and uniqueness we have come to love from this talented and quirky threesome".  – Desert Psychlist

"Trevor’s Head are definitely original, exploring new paths, trying actively to be different. In a sea of copy cats, that’s certainly to be lauded." - Ave Noctum

"If you’ve ever thought the stoner scene needed a bit less po-face and bit more Python the step inside Trevor’s Head." – Musipedia of Metal

'It’s rare to find an album that strikes such a careful balance between passion and professionalism, but Trevor’s Head seem to manage it just fine. Risk-taking yet consistent, catchy yet progressive, “A View From Below” is the work of musical scholars who know their rock history, and know exactly what makes their listeners tick. One of the most solid releases of this year so far!" - Ever Metal

Quite possibly the most exciting thing to come out of Redhill in the last three centuries, Trevor’s Head markedly circle in three distinct orbits around stoner, punk and prog, creating a heavy, sonic vibe quite unlike anybody else out there. Their new album “A View From Below”, released on 5th May via APF Records is a lean and cohesive expression of the power trio's precision, which marks the next stage in the genre-bending and ever-evolving sound that is Trevor’s Head.

Following in the footsteps of their last three albums, it's the product of the band's fully collaborative approach to songwriting, where each member adds to the eclectic stew, creating an eccentric and unique record. The band comments,

“We’re really proud of this album, it feels like the best representation of our band to date. Each track takes you on a journey and there are a ton of different musical influences, but this time we approached the writing process with a mind to make something more cohesive than our previous releases - it’s diverse, yet it still sounds like the songs were all meant to be on the same record together. You can hear how we’ve grown as musicians, too. We honestly don’t think anyone else sounds like Trevor’s Head... guess we’ll find out if that’s a good thing or not!”

Lyrically many of the songs on ‘A View From Below’, are a reflection of the hardship that many have endured over the past few years and continue to endure now. They are, according to Roger Arkins (guitar/vocals, ‘a celebration of courage, resilience and determination in the face of huge obstacles.'

“A View From Below” was recorded by Sam Thredder at The Cro’s Nest. Sam is a member of Slabdragger and has also recorded Elephant Tree, Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters and Old Man Lizard, among others.  

Track listing:

1. Call of the Deep

2. Under My Skin

3. Grape Fang

4. Elio

5. Rumspringa

6. What Got Stuck?

7. A True Gentleman

8. Don't Make Me Ask


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A View From Below on CD housed in 4-panel digipak with booklet, cello-wrapped.