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Indica Blues - Hymns For A Dying Realm


1.       Cosmic Flare

2.       Knight’s Return

3.       Reigns End

4.       Scum River

5.       Pearls In The Ash

6.       Island of Hate

7.       Psychedelic Haze


Recorded at ground shaking volume at Skyhammer Studios in the north of England, 2018.

Released April 21, 2018.

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios. Andrew Haines-Villalta - Bass
Tom Pilsworth - Guitar, Vocals
John Slaymaker - Guitar
Rich Walker - Drums

Cosmic Flare (Pilsworth, Slaymaker)
Knight’s Return (Pilsworth, Slaymaker)
Reigns End (Pilsworth)
Scum River (Haines-Villalta, Pilsworth)
Pearls in the Ash (Haines-Villalta, Pilsworth)
Island of Hate (Pilsworth)
Psychedelic Haze (Haines-Villalta, Pilsworth)

All percussion written and performed by Rich Walker.

Artwork hand drawn in ink by Francesca Vecchio

self-released by Indica Blues.


Limited Edition Digipak CD


High quality digipack with hand drawn art work by Francesca Vecchio. Limited edition of 150.