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Gandalf the Green

It’s not difficult to guess what Gandalf the Green are all about as a band; psychedelic adventures, fuzzed-out deviations and raw vocals. They’re unashamedly stoner metal and we love them for it.

Hailing from Huddersfield, you can’t blame Gandalf the Green for wanting to adventure out into space; and that’s what they do, with truly absurd proficiency. Formed in 2015, the still relatively young band has already made quite the name for themselves, with only the one EP and single behind them.

Their 2016 EP King of the Ashes brings to mind, in part, a more chilled out Electric Wizard or Sleep type sound, with those reverberating tones absolutely melting the eardrums of anyone within spitting distance. Groovy as there’s any right to ever be, and threaded together by excellent guitar work from Andrew Flint - including a smooth solo on the title track - it’s a mesmerising EP that, at moments, can only be described as serene. Their follow up in 2019’s single ‘A Billion Faces’, however, manages to do in one song what it previously took a full EP to do; the flits between pure ‘Wizard worship and and the more mellow side of their own invention comfortably sit side by side in a 13 minute opus that would absolutely kill were it to be on their debut full length when that hits.

Having recently helped close out the HRH weekend with a packed out fringe show alongside Green Lung, these are on the up and up and we cannot wait to travel with them into the furthest reaches.