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London’s Possessor should be a familiar name to any fan of the low down heavies in the UK by now.

Forged since their inception via an EP and the a flurry of full lengths, Possessor haven’t sat about waiting at any point. Nor have they ever seemed a band to place constraints upon themselves, feeling free to pick and choose from the extensive buffet of heavy music and meshing it all together into something spectacular; when was the last time you saw grunge and black metal approached with equal confidence on one single release?

Their latest release, 2019’s Gravelands [APF020] is the first to feature current bassist Ellie Mathews (also of Fuckjar) in the trio, and it’s a welcome shakeup to the band’s energy. The band playing on Gravelands feels reinvigorated compared with that which appeared on 2017’s The Ripper, and it shines throughout the album. In particular, standout track ‘Breathe Fire’ sounds like it could have been at home on any of those Man’s Ruin releases from the noughties and that’s only ever a good thing.

2020 sees Possessor take to the stage at Desertfest, as one of the first acts announced alongside legends such as Masters of Reality, Corrosion of Conformity and Orange Goblin - and deservedly so at that. There are few bands about who would dare to be as wide ranging as Possessor, and even fewer who could pull it off. Possessor are unique in their diversity