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Sound Of Origin

Huddersfield's Sound of Origin have been spotted up and down the UK underground since 2016, airing out their fuzzy, bluesy, doomy wares for all to see; but it looks like 2020 is the year that they finally get the recognition as more than just another name on a bill, as big things are in the pipeline going forward with APF. 

The stoner rocking quartet have been a known quantity within the scene since July 2017's five-track Seeds of the Past EP, which, whilst serving as an admittedly solid introduction to the band as they were then, can only do so much to showcase the band they have become. It was with the addition of new vocalist, Joel Bulsara, in 2018, that Sound of Origin found the true origin of their sound; adding a depth and range to the voice of the band that has bled through into the instrumentals and allowed for a much more diverse output, spanning a huge breadth of the heavy pantheon. 

'Into the Vile', which appears on the massive 2019 Doomed & Stoned in England compilation gives one of the first representations of Sound of Origin's deeper and divergent tones, mixing in grunge sensibilities to a chugging stoner vibe. With their new album - mixed by Chris Fielding & mastered by James Plotkin - in the bag and ready for release via APF Records in the coming months, Sound of Origin are gearing up to unleash the band they have become on the world, and we're not sure you're ready for them.