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The Hyena Kill

Two-pieces are always louder. We can’t give you a formula for why that’s the case, but it’s an undeniable truth ever present in the underground. But what happens when you double the size of your band whilst holding onto that two-piece ethos? With The Hyena Kill, we're about to find out.

Fused from a shared love of Queens of the Stone Age, Deftones and Tool, it became quickly apparent that Lorna Blundell (drums) and Steven Dobb (guitar/vocals) had stumbled upon something monolithic in their musical partnership. A distorted, sometimes delicate, sometimes utterly brutal, alternative take on alternative rock, it’s the kind of music you get when there aren’t enough cooks around to spoil the broth; just two minds going on an unimpeded journey into what is sonicly possible.

Refining a sound over a couple of EPs and their 2016 full-length debut, Atomised, The Hyena Kill have leaned into something ever bleaker, ever more desolate on every release, the parts getting sparser as the world around them did likewise. When 2018’s SPUN [APF012] hit, The Hyena Kill had fully embraced an obsession with the bare, the arid and the stark, producing perhaps the most divergent album on APF so far, whilst still bringing something insanely, bruisingly heavy in its own right.

As 2019 drew to an end and with a new album on the horizon, The Hyena Kill's sound has expanded, and to make room for that expanding sound comes an expanded lineup; enter Sam Jones (guitar/synth) and Charlie Seisay (bass), who you can hear on the band's first single as a four-piece, 'Cauterised', which gives you a small taste of what's to come on album two.

The Hyena Kill would, if the world were fair, be filling arenas right now; but if the world were fair, they wouldn’t have been driven by all the bullshit to channel themselves into the band they are today.