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Elliot and Ryan Cole, the twins who play in two other APF bands - Desert Storm and The Grand Mal - present you with their new project Wall.

Wall came about during the early days of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. With Desert Storm and The Grand Mal's touring plans put on hold, the Cole brothers were both furloughed from their jobs and sat at home with time on their hands. In March 2020 Ryan started creating riffs, with Elliot sat next to him playing drum rhythms on his knees. Gradually a set of tunes came together, leading to a recording session at Shonk Studio with engineer Jimmy Hetherington (the man at the sound desk for Desert Storm's Horizontal Life album) during the summer.

The results form Wall's debut EP, which will be released by APF in January 2021. The first instrumental band on APF, their sound pays tribute to Karma To Burn, High On Fire and the mighty Black Sabbath (there's a Sabbath cover on here, with vocals by The Grand Mal's Dave Oglesby). Wall is an apt name for the band: the wall of riffs they cook up is truly intoxicating.

Wall is no mere pandemic project. The duo intend to play live when gigs return, with the EP just the beginning for our favourite Oxford residents. 

Wall's eponymous debut EP will be released by APF Records on 15th January 2021.