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APF Records COVID-19 Statement

March 24, 2020

Had a few people ask about the status of orders in the light of the UK government's shutdown announcement. I usually send orders out on the day they are received. But we are no longer in usual times.

The Government guidance published late last night (read here: bit.ly/2UdfCU2) states "online retail is still open and encouraged and postal and delivery service will run as normal". 

This morning all BEGGAR pre-orders received so far are being posted out. The album's official release date is 3rd April, but you can have the physical version a bit early. 

After this morning's visit I will be going out as infrequently as possible, in line with the Government's instruction. Our Post Office is next to a local supermarket. When I go shopping for basic necessities I will post out any orders at the adjacent Post Office at that time. 

Finally, best thing you can do with APF releases is buy them from Bandcamp. That way you get a digital download code and can listen to released albums whilst you wait for the physical version to arrive. 

Hope that clears things up a bit.

Stay safe.