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Battalions - Pure Humber Sludge

June 17, 2020

APF's next release is Battalions - Pure Humber Sludge. Out on 17th July and available to pre-order in our store right now.

2020 marks Battalions 10th anniversary. To celebrate APF Records is reissuing their long-out-of-print albums Nothing To Lose (2016) and Moonburn (2017) on one deluxe CD. The tracks have been freshly remastered by Chris Fielding (Conan) to give them extra grunt. Brand new artwork has been provided by Daggersforteeth. The digipak includes an 8-page booklet featuring rare photos, full lyrics, and a special thank you list.

Accompanying the release is a limited edition t-shirt, a bespoke Battalions patch, and two special stickers. The t-shirt can be purchased as a standalone item, the patch and stickers as part of the bundle option.

Pure Humber Sludge allows APF Records to right a wrong. We were offered the opportunity to release Moonburn back in 2017 but - for reasons we won't bore you with ('cos it's all a bit embarrassing) we declined. Daft mistake, as it's a brilliant album (as is Nothing To Lose) and one of Fieldy's Firm Favourites. It's great to be able to put these songs out on APF Records at last.

The CD, t-shirt and bundle can be ordered here in our store. To buy the digital download head over to: https://battalionsdirt.bandcamp.com/