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Out Now: Tides of Sulfur - Apathy Chasm

September 29, 2023

Out Now: Tides of Sulfur - Apathy Chasm

Happy release day! Tides Of Sulfur's furious Apathy Chasm album is out in the world. 8 tracks of face-melting blackened sludge death metal. You can listen to it on the streaming service of your choice, or pick up a CD, tape or t-shirt here on the APF Records website.

Link to streaming: https://linktr.ee/APFRecords

 “Back now with their fetid blast of sludge, grind and black and death metal, the band make a deceptively massive racket that is as pummelling and sonically dense as anything you will hear this year.” – The Sleeping Shaman 

“South Wales most aggressive, unflinching, righteous band return with their new full length Apathy Chasm. Tides Of Sulfur deliver more audio battery where the most extreme fringes of music are brought together in a cacophony of ear-piercing feedback and headache inducing distortion. Their use of grind, sludge and blackened death is the audio equivalent of a buzzsaw on a concrete block. ” – Musipedia of Metal

"Apathy Chasm is an absolutely domineering record, a release that can't help but to impress with its breadth of vision and what has been accomplished within. If you let yourself get lost in the vibes of this record it becomes hard to pull yourself out. Tides Of Sulfur have a clear and deep understanding of what it means to get loud, heavy and evil." – Two Metal Guys Reviews

“Songs which will batter you within an inch of your life, bursting with anger and vitriol. This is 100% the band’s most intensive and violent release to date.” – Ever Metal

"Offering up a wave of heavy noise that has the strength to knock the breath out of the body, Apathy Chasm is a creative release and a savage assault in equal measures." - gbhbl.com