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Out today: Swamp Coffin

November 26, 2021


Angry, visceral sludge metal from Rotherham, UK. An album born of trauma and pain, the fact it was made and released at all is a miracle. These lads have been through the mill and somehow come out the other side. Get on it.

“Building on what was laid down on 2019’s Flatcap Bastard Features, the band have upped the ante, conceptually exploring the brutal realities of depression, trauma, grief, betrayal and a general disenchantment with the world; Noose Almighty is a harrowing but cathartic album”. – Distorted Sound Magazine

“It’s an album of catharsis that deals with depression, trauma, grief and disillusionment. It’s ugly. It’s brutal. It’s a hell of a listen”. – MMH Radio

“Part NOLA sludge, part Conan’s pummelling doom. Add a muscular flex of hardcore from the hotbed of Sheffield and Leeds. Like Black Sabbath warped by hardcore and contemporary cynicism”. – Decibel Magazine

“This album represents an enormous step forward and progression in Swamp Coffin’s musical output. Heavy, dirty, innovative, and ferocious, the future of UK metal looks like it’s in safe hands”. – Ave Noctum