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APF Records 3rd Anniversary T-shirt & CD

April 09, 2020

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On 15th May APF Records will be releasing a special 2-cd set and t-shirt to celebrate APF Records 3rd anniversary, with profits going to South Liverpool Food Bank.

The CD set includes a track by all 26 bands signed to APF Records as at May 2020, with several of those tracks being previously unreleased. Artwork has been provided by Dominic Sohor Design, with additional mastering handled by Dan Dolby (of Mastiff). CD manufacturing by Cram Duplication, with t-shirts printed by Obscure Clothing.

APF Records: The Sound of Heavy 2020 will also be available as a Bandcamp download. CDs and tees will be sent out with a download code enclosed.

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CD Disc 1:

1. Beggar - Blood Moon

2. Desert Storm - Pain, Grief & suffering

3. Voidlurker - Bitchcraft and Misery

4. Battalions - Goat Feeder

5. A Horse Called War - Old One Eye

6. Diesel King - Horror.Disgust

7. Mastiff - Fail (Demo - previously unreleased)

8. Tides of Sulfur - DLMM

9. Possessor - Big 'Orra (Iron Maiden cover - previously unreleased)

10. PIST - Fuck Off and Die (Darkthrone cover - first time on CD)

11. Video Nasties - Hanging Tree

12. Barbarian Hermit - Burn The Fire (Live version - previously unreleased)

13.  Nomad - Shallow Fate

t-shirtCD Disc 2:

1. War After War - Ignorance (previously unreleased)

2. Widows - Heresy and Venom (Live version - previously unreleased)

3. Trippy Wicked - Carat (previously unreleased)

4. Trevor's Head - Bomb

5. The Grand Mal - Explode

6. BongCauldron - I've Been Sick (Live version - previously unreleased)

7. The Brothers Keg - Castle Keg (previously unreleased)

8. Gandalf The Green - A Billion Faces

9. Sound of Origin - Voices Left Behind (previously unreleased)

10. The Hyena Kill - Cauterised

11. Tronald - Get Your Grubby Little Hands Off My Bennel

12. Redeye Revival - Amongst The Grime

13. Under - An Inch Of Sun


You can pre-order the CD, t-shirt or bundle containing both here: https://apfrecords.co.uk/merchandise/apf-records-the-sound-of-heavy

You can pre-order the Bandcamp download here: https://apfrecords.bandcamp.com/music