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Toom - Behold The Basilisk

August 31, 2021


TOOM's Behold The Basilisk EP is out on APF Records 1st October.

TOOM was Jus Smith (Purson, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats), Jack Newnham (Slabdragger, Old Man Lizard, Meadows) and Teddy James Driscoll (Telepathy, now Cobra Lucha).

Behold The Basilisk was recorded on a single night in January 2010 but never released, until now. TOOM drew influence from bands like Sleep, Iron Monkey, Mastodon, High on Fire, Acid King, Floor and Black Sabbath. The EP contains four massive, lengthy tracks from the archives which have stood the test of time, and represent a time capsule of the nascent UK sludge / stoner / doom scene.

You can hear Mandark from the EP now on Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp and all the usual places. Pre-orders for the EP are open on Bandcamp and the APF website. Links to everything below. Enjoy!