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May 26, 2020


Quick update for you on stuff.

The current pandemic has obviously played merry hell with our release schedule. But we're still making plans and moving forward with things.

So after APF unleashes WAR AFTER WAR's No Change EP on 12th June, we'll be putting out something a little special on 17th July. A reissue, something long out of print, freshly remastered, with bangin new artwork. Something we think you'll quite like. More info on that real soon.

Then, late summer, you'll finally - at last - get to hear the Sound of Origin album The All Seeing Eye. Which has some proper tungsten-strength riffs on it. And Joel Bulsara's voice. Oh god that voice.

In the autumn you're like to have a new Possessor album in your ears. It's being recorded next month. Today we appointed the artwork designer who, based on what he's done for other bands, is going to make the record look amazing.

Plus The Hyena Kill and The Brothers Keg have albums recorded and ready to go. We'll keep you updated about those as and when we can.

Another APF band is currently in the studio right now. One that's been quiet for a while. Sworn to secrecy on that though.

There will be lots of stickers, and even an APF hoodie.

Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned.