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URZAH sign to APF Records

March 04, 2024

URZAH sign to APF Records

APF Records is delighted to announce the signing of Bristolian progressive sludge metal quartet URZAH.

“Doom-infused progressive metal of the highest order. Somehow this quartet create a sound that’s so massive it feels like it has its own centre of gravity” – Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio

“Fearlessly balanced between the overt rage and convulsive vehemence are some skilfully placed, surprisingly shimmering and elegant guitar passages which give way to chasmal, rumbling bass tones and ultimately propulsive percussion – before being rounded yet again with even more expansive and riveting riffage” – The Doom Oracle

“Live URZAH lay waste to the stage, the partisan audience lapping up every single distorted riff that blurted out of the speakers” – Musipedia of Metal

URZAH transcend boundaries with their convergence of expansive and complex rhythms, fused with heavy riff-laden passages and deeply­ entwined shimmering textures. Formed and founded in 2020 - just before the pandemic hit – URZAH are a collective of seasoned musicians with diverse influences, united by their true passion for chasmic sonic exploration.

Their music chronicles a journey that melds intricacy with soaring melodies and thought-provoking lyrical content, creating an immersive experience for listeners. Drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres, URZAH’s sound is not confined to a single category, as they incorporate elements of punk, crust, hardcore, sludge, doom, and even ambient and acoustic, to create a truly unique musical landscape.

First emerging with their promising 2020 self-titled demo, the band merges thick, stoner-laden riffs with catchy and thrashy, heavy doom-influenced psychedelia. Their second record, an EP titled “II”, was recorded and released in early 2022, leaning more towards the progressive, heavier side of URZAH’s creativity. “II” received rave reviews, and was featured on the Doom Charts Best Eps of 2022 list.

On only their second live show, URZAH was invited to support the mighty BONGZILLA in Bristol, and have continued to support metal heavyweights such as Tuskar, Grave Lines, Ohhms, Famyne, Acid Mammoth, Nebula, Dopelord, Acid Throne and many more.

2024 has already been an incredible year for URZAH. The band recently signed with APF Records and are due to release their debut album in the next few months. Keep your eyes peeled. Listen to their riffs and watch their videos on their band page here on the APF Records website.