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Wasted Death Return with The Prequel To Evil

March 27, 2023


APF Records is thrilled to bring you The Prequel To Evil EP, the latest missive from WASTED DEATH. It's out today on Bandcamp and YouTube. No fanfare, no pre-orders, just instant carnage.

Hear it:


Wasted Death is a ridiculously balls-out punk band featuring Charlie Davis of Beggar, Wayne Adams of Big Lad and Petbrick, plus Tom Brewins of USA Nails. They’re a bit d-beat, a bit Converge, a bit noise rock, a bit fuckin’ special.

“Wasted Death is extremely pleased to unveil this latest slice of butt ugly”, says vocalist / bassist Charlie Davis. “Three short blasts of snot and contaminated waste straight out of Wayne Adams’ Bear Bites Horse Studio. Drummer Tom Brewins plays like a crazed east London Dave Lombardo; bassist and vocalist Charlie Davis spews an uncontrollable amount of bile at only the slightest provocation; guitarist Wayne clings on for the ride like a pissed-up equestrian with one foot stuck in the saddle of a bolting horse. These three cuts go from blasting grind to manic thrash to frosty grimness, and whether the influence is Terrorizer, Municipal Waste or Converge, listeners are going to feel the full weight of the Wasted Death sceptic tank crushing their skulls.”

APF Records released Wasted Death’s debut EP Ugly As Hell on 9th April 2021. Landing just four months later, follow-up Ugly As Hell II - Uglier Than Hell was released 13th August 2021. Wasted Death played their first ever live dates in the autumn of 2021 and took to owning a stage like a duck to water.

What the Press have said about Wasted Death:

“Deliciously depraved and grimy, for people who like their punk to have blood and rust on its safety pin and metal that gives you a black eye. Wasted Death have distilled the perfect microcosm of extreme brutality.” – THE SLEEPING SHAMAN

“This EP has everything; perfect instrumentation, vocals and production. Bringing something new to the table, and showing that genres have no bounds, Wasted Death are a name to watch. -- DISTORTED SOUND

“Grinding metal mashing the brain matter into mush with punk snarl to make you feel like you’ve literally been chewed up and spat out. Savage stuff.” – GBHBL

“Grind fans, Noise fans, Hardcore fans, Punk fans. You will all find something to enjoy here.” – MASS MOVEMENT

“No matter where your genre allegiances lie, Wasted Death have something to offer. The EP’s aggression is its charm, its melding of styles its swagger. Must listen material!” – THE RAZOR’S EDGE

See Wasted Death live:

31st March - The Crown, Bristol

1st April - New Cross Inn, London (w/ Wormrot