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Swamp Coffin

"In equal parts the heavy blues of Black Sabbath mixed with the raw wall of sound of Machine Head, but with a sensibility more akin to Crowbar. That may sound strange but just give them a listen and it will all make sense."  – MUSIPEDIA OF METAL

Rotherham based sludge trio Swamp Coffin returned with their colossal album ’Noose Almighty’ on 26th November 2021. It’s an incredibly cathartic record covering depression, trauma, grief, betrayal and a general disenchantment with the world.

Recorded in only three days, the band had rehearsed the material to death beforehand so they could record efficiently and more importantly leave time for their usual 'mad experimentation' and layering which takes a record from being great to something truly special. The band add, 

"Owen really is our secret sauce in the studio, our fifth Beatle, and we knew we were always going to have him behind the desk again to work on Noose Almighty. We bonded and became good mates during the making of the last record and having someone who we trust, who understands the band and how we work and gets the best out of the three of us is really important. This is where Owen really earns his money. I will already have some production ideas in mind, Owen always seems to understand what I’m trying to achieve and then brings his own suggestions to the table. That element of chaos makes things really exciting and I think that shines through on the finished album which, frankly, sounds fucking huge.”

Tracks such as 'Your Problem' and 'Welcome To Rot’ were both conceived in the band's practice room and bookend the album perfectly. Both snarling and nasty, with vicious drumming they will rile up any listener.

Album title track ’Noose Almighty' may surprise some fans of the band as it’s completely different to anything the lads have done before, whilst still sounding very much like Swamp Coffin. Influences and elements they’ve hinted at over the years are fully on display and it builds into a massive epic. Jon Rhodes comments,

"The song title and lyrics came to me whilst on holiday in Disney World, shortly followed by the main riffs. It was pretty fucked up wandering around Disney and seeing Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck with that song coming together in my head and constantly playing in my mind. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, that song means a lot to me."

Swamp Coffin was founded by Jon Rhodes and David Wistow in 2016 as a way of keeping a pair of grownups out of trouble for a few hours a week. Swamp Coffin quickly morphed in to a recording project and a two-track release was put out in late 2017 featuring Jamie Rhodes on vocals. With the addition of Shawn Denton on bass in 2018 and Jon taking over vocal duties as well as guitar, Swamp Coffin became a fully-fledged live act and started laying waste to venues all over the country.

Musically rooted in 90’s NOLA sludge but with strong nods to Sabbath's groove and even death metal elements, Swamp Coffin have forged their own nasty, uncompromising sound and they have been proud to share stages with such luminaries as Raging Speedhorn, Coffins, The Body, Secret Cutter, Conan, Mastiff and OHHMS amongst many others.