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For Bands Who Want To Sign To APF Records

APF Records receives hundreds of submissions from bands wishing to sign to the label. We welcome these and will always try to give them a spin. It might take some time, and we can’t reply to everyone, but we do listen.

APF Records is presently primarily a distribution label. This means we sign bands who already have a recorded, mixed and mastered single, EP or album in the can. We don’t have the funds to invest in recording time for bands who aren’t already on the label. We exclusively license your work for between 5 and 10 years and then put it out in the world for you.

We do two kinds of releases:

1. Major Release. Your album will be released on all formats (including LP) with a big PR campaign behind it. You will see your album on sale in shops and places like Amazon. We release this way for bands who already have a substantial following, or are friends of the label.

2. The DIY release. We like to support smaller, up and coming bands. We will release your EP or album digitally, on CD and tape (no vinyl) with a small PR push. Our aim is to bring you to wider attention.

If you want us to consider you for APF Records please email us at info@apfrecords.co.uk. Please don’t message through Facebook or by any other means. Please include the music you want us to consider releasing - either WAVs or a private Soundcloud link - plus a biography, links to your online presence, and why you think you would be a good fit for our record label.

We look forward to hearing your music.