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Like the Terminator rising from the flames comes a new meaner, leaner beast from the brainchild of UK horror metal legends POSSESSOR!

Less than a year since that band’s demise, frontman and axe wielder Graham Bywater returns like a spectral bad penny with TORSO; the aural equivalent of a dayglo Dario Argento movie shot during an apocalypse in the early 90s.

Teaming up with producer Wayne Adams (Petbrick / Wasted Death) amidst a summer of broken bones and Covid, Graham hit Bear Bites Horse Studio to create the otherworldly, deranged debut TORSO album, A CRASH COURSE IN TERROR, in less than 16 hours.

Drawing influence from the weirdest of drive-in films, a lifelong obsession with KISS, and the head banging hardcore, grunge and thrash fury of the 80s and 90s, A CRASH COURSE IN TERROR is cinematic, moody and occasionally prog.

The album charts unhinged lo-fi territories and soundscapes, with brooding industrial rhythms, throbbing BIG MUFF tones, sporadic samples and keyboard bursts, heralding a new world of riff wielding, face ripping, celluloid burning Grindhouse rock.

Debut single PRECIOUS BLOOD arrived on Halloween 2022, with second single HEADS START TO ROLL dropping on 5th January and the album landing 27th January 2023 via APF Records.

FFO: Ministry, Nirvana, Melvins, Torche, Zombi, John Carpenter, Big Black, Kvelertak, Mastodon, Zozobra and Godflesh.