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Birmingham's place in the heavy end of music is legendary. For most, Birmingham is more so even than just legendary; it's the place where it all began. From Black Sabbath to Led Zeppelin to Judas Priest, there's something about the industrial roots and brutalist concrete jungle of the Midlands metropolis that breeds metal, even to this day. And one of the modern crop lurking in the urban sprawl is Voidlurker.

Formed in 2017, the sludge/doom three-piece is are everything you could want in the heavier end of stoner; low and slow, down-tuned and fuzzy and all topped off with complementary guttural gravel-gargling vocals, Voidlurker aren't out to reinvent the wheel so much as keep it relentlessly rolling down the road.

Prior to their signing with APF Records, the only indication of the down and dirty Voidlurker vibes was their two track 2018 Demo – featuring the phenomenal crunchy bleakness of 'Bitchcraft & Misery' - and their brutal live performances (including a dominating set on Bloodstock Festival's 2019 New Blood Stage).

In 2019 came Industrial Nightmare - a 4-track EP recorded at Foel Studios with Chris Fielding of Conan. Voidlurker continued the proud tradition of spreading the inherent misery of Birmingham out into the wider world.

Having toured like dogs ever since, the trio returned to the studio in 2024. New Voidlurker doom coming your way real soon.

What the press are saying:

"Heavy, gargantuan-sounding soundtracks..... if Doom is your game, Voidlurker are for you" -  Rock n Load Magazine

"Taking cues from the mighty Electric Wizard and hailing from Sabbath country, Voidlurker blend stoner and sludge..... their hefty blend of doomy riffage and sludgy distortion evokes the spirit of Weedeater" - Metal Hammer

"It’s crude, it’s unrefined and it lacks polish but like very early sludge, there is something about Voidlurker that perks the ears up. Their style of doom has plenty in common with the sludge masters... covered in filth and fuzz" - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"Voidlurker tick the boxes sonically — riffs: check, shouts: check, nod: check, aggro: check" - The Obelisk

"The band let loose a snarling iteration of gurn-inducing heaviness....they also infuse a bit of rampaging heavy metal into their sound, giving some songs a much-needed shot in the arm, letting the slower parts stand out more by not being the band’s only gear" - Uberrock

"Dark and atmospheric, there’s times where you’re almost driven into a trance-like state as a result of the monolithic riffcraft; songs like Industrial Nightmare and Rotten Seed seethe with aggression and have the propensity to melt faces as well as win over a brand-new legion of fans" - Distorted Sound