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The Brothers Keg

Sometimes, heavy isn't purely about brutal riffs and gut-wrenching, despair-invoking themes; often, heaviness shines through  when it's filtered through jam-invoking psychedelic tightness. The Brothers Keg fall into that latter side of heavy, and in their few short years have become one of the finest examples of it in the whole of the UK.

Made up of the rhythm section of psych / stoner scene mainstays STUBB – with Tom Fyfe on drums and Tom Hobson switching out his bass for guitar / vocal duties - as well as Paul Rosser, who completes the trio on bass / vocals, The Brothers Keg have been kicking up an avalanche of the finest elements of stoner-doom as well as grunged-out psychedelia since their formation in London in 2018.

Earning plaudits from notables such as JJ Koczan of The Obelisk, who speculates The Brothers Keg's vibes will one day be recognised as “The London Sound”, the band's sole release to this point, the Folklore, Myths And Legends Of The Brothers Keg demo EP, is a short, but sweet, two-track introduction to a trio who are destined for big things in the UK underground.

Having already supported bands such as the legendary Colour Haze, Toundra, Kurokuma, Tuskar, Steak, Mother Engine as well as an appearance at 2019's Bloodstock Open Air Festival, 2020 sees TBK not only join the APF roster, but also play the iconic Desertfest London alongside a handful of their APF brethren. We cannot wait to unleash more of The Brothers Keg's sound on you in the months to come.